The lord has granted me a Holy Vision.
After so long in despair Jesus came to me in my darkest of moments. He blessed me with a Holy Vision you see. I told my supermodel wife to watch over the kids, and make me hundreds of sandwiches while I was away, I of course made sure to leave a hidden camera in the house so I knew she would take the kids to Sunday School every day.

The hidden temple of the vision was an abandoned alley way. Through faith, prayer and several bottles of Everclear (The most manly drink that ever existed, I managed to summon the Holy Spirit. It was a few days ago at 7 PM when I ventured to the alley. I didn't know it was even holy before hand. I just wanted to be alone with Jesus. I carried 20 boxes of everclear there, then took cover under a sacred tree. I was in such despair I almost cried, but with the will of the Heavenly Spirit I held them back knowing that crying is unmanly and the effeminate will all go to Hell forever.

The first 5 beers I was in despair. I'm afraid you see... One of my children, my 7 year old stepson has been behaving unnaturally. You see as a chore he carries 5 Bibles at once around the neighborhood 20 laps in a row. If he sees any kids his age he must give them one of the Bibles, then we will give him another Bible to carry. At first I thought he might have some kind of disease because he wasn't carrying the Bibles as fast as usual. My divine eyesight did not detect any demons within him at the time, so I thought even if he has some disease destroying his muscles at LEAST he isn't an ATHEIST or something. So we took him to the doctor to do tests. For the first few seconds we were relieved- he just needs to be punished so he tries harder next time he does his Bible laps... But then it dawned upon us the next time he did Bible laps. Again his motivation was lower, and he was complaining like some kind of FAITHLESS WIMP that his body needed a break from so many Bible laps! Whatever thing happened to my son was worse than any type of disease. I prayed to the Lord that he has some hidden physical disease rather than be an ATHEIST. Weeks passed months passed. Still no sign of it being a physical problem, it seemed whatever was making my son wimp out in Bible laps was a disease of the soul. We tried everything. Numerous exorcisms, numerous Bible chapter stories of POWERFUL BEAUTIFUL CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS slaying wimpy heathens, numerous Bible Man repeats, nothing would build motivation in his faithless spirit.

So I sat in the corner of the tree for close to 20 minutes. Remembering this in my head over, and over again. I felt sadness for a second but then I remembered that God's soldiers must never cry or else they'll go to Hell. Knowing this I used God's power to turn the sadness into ANGER. I pounded the ground so hard my hand almost broke but because God sent his Angels to watch over me, it didn't break even though it ached horribly. I screamed at the top of my lungs "MY SON WILL NOT BE A GODLESS HEATHEN", and "GOD WILL MAKE HIM A MIGHTY PRAYER WARRIOR!" repeatedly until my vocal cords finally wore out for the night. I then drank several more bottles of Everclear, I can't even count how many.

Eventually the Holy Spirit approached me face to face, my vision got more, and more blurry until I fell down head first into the tree. It was then I saw the Lord. He told me a way to cure my son's atheism. I woke up in what seemed to be a volcano. At first I was frightened when I heard screaming. But then Jesus came down. He told me that I had not failed him, and that this was but a tour. When I realized the burning skin, and desperate screams were that of GOD HATING HEATHENS being punished... I almost... I almost cried.

WITH INTENSE JOY. I was then scared for a moment though. What if a tear comes from my eyes? Will Jesus decide to leave me in Hell? It was then I heard of a MIRACLE. All male bodies in Heaven do not have tear ducts! You see when a male Crusader ascends to Heaven Jesus removes their tear ducts so they won't risk going to Hell from crying. So we will never have to worry about accidentally crying from happiness when we go to Heaven isn't that GREAT?! :D

Briefly Jesus gave me a future view of everyone in Hell. I was relieved to see Ghandi was in the same level of Hell as Osama Bin Laden. And none of my children were there! I asked Jesus "Not to doubt the faith... But my so--", and then like he could read my mind... He answered me before I could finish it! He said "Your tour here is over", I thought "WAIT JESUS you hav...". Then everything went white, and then I appeared up in the clouds. Jesus was there again. I was frantically asking him "My tour is over? Who is going to make sure he doesn't end up an atheist?". Jesus replied. "Fear not my soldier I meant your tour in Hell was over, follow me my Spiritual Warrior".

I was about to walk to follow him, but he levitated me into the air. I then started moving at a speed I swear was faster than light, I saw the layout of Heaven during this time, I saw so many wonderful things. Nuclear warheads all over the place. Army tanks. Nascar races farther than the eye could see. Country music blasting from the wind itself. Every single person was wearing a cowboy hat. Oceans full of alcohol with ONLY humans in it, and the humans can breath in the alcohol as well. Everyone was married, ISN'T THAT GREAT?! All of the women had 30 foot high heels permanently attached to their feet. They also all had 200 foot "watermelons" so men and women would be different as possible. Since they were levitated into the air they could walk like this. WHAT A MIRACLE!!! It was such a beautiful sight. I was so overjoyed that men and women no longer even looked like the same species or even came from the same planet. What could be more WONDERFUL than that? Everyone with bipolar or autism or similar malformations of the brain no longer suffered from damaged brains. Nobody suffered the affliction of being short (everyone was over six feet tall).

I forgot to mention the BEST part: Everyone had this... Bible sword hybrid. It's hard to explain. It was like a magical sword (only divine magic from the Lord not Satanic magic)... With a special blade. It was even cross shaped! You could open up the blade in two, and by PRAYING you could read different verses of the Bible in it. Any verse you wanted. It also had a recording of when Jesus came down to smite Satan, and his heathens. You could watch it at any speed you wanted to, and pause it too of course. It also shot out a fire that didn't burn God's people but it would burn any demon or heathen within range. It was even a special type of fire that amplified their pain nerves as opposed to eventually destroyed the pain nerves, how is THAT for a miracle? :) It even had a feature to make the screaming of the heathens louder! JOY! Now we didn't NEED to use these swords in Heaven but they are AWESOME and heaven has AWESOME things. That's the whole point.

Unfortunately that was all of Heaven I remembered seeing until I arrived at the Throne of Jesus. I saw all of this in just half a second I traveled so fast. I then arrived to the middle of a cloud. In the middle of it I saw a throne. The throne was... Taller than the earth itself. Possibly taller than the physical universe. I could not see the end of it. Suddenly I was levitated upwards. This time moving way faster than I was last time! Until I finally came to the top.

Sitting down there LOOKING DOWN UPON everyone else was Jesus! What a joyful sight! I begged Jesus to let me stay but he insisted I couldn't. He told me I have more Holy Wars ahead of me. I have more battle with heathens I must do, I have more souls to save. :D So I asked my Lord "My son how will I save him???". Suddenly Jesus showed me an image of Westboro Baptist Church. God then told me that when someone goes to Hell their pain nerves never die so they suffer forever. He then tells me the pain of the burning suffers more than anything on this planet. Suddenly I knew that was my answer. I must send my son to Westboro, and tell him how horrible Hell is. Jesus told me one more thing: When I get my son ready to be lead back to God's path to make sure I wake him up suddenly while he is fast asleep, and that I'm sure to turn the nightlight off, so his mind will be open to God's word. I must grab him quickly, and suddenly while he is sleeping.

After this... It all went black. I woke up with part of my skin burning from being partially exposed to the sun. I don't know how long I was unconscious. The tree offered only partial shade. I finally found my way home, a bit aching, and sun burned but it was worth it. My wife started crying when I came home saying I had been gone for 40 hours- at that point I was overjoyed! I must have gone to Heaven! There is no other explanation!

My wife worried about me wanted to spend several hours with me alone, but I told her I have more important things to do. I told her of my vision, and how we can save my son. So two nights ago, I waited for my son to fall asleep. I sneaked in their turned off the TV, and nightlight then grabbed him. He screamed for about 10 seconds until he heard my voice. He asked me why the lights went out, and why I wasn't saying anything. I told him it was an important way of "opening his mind to Jesus".

I told my son of how when you go to Hell your pain nerves never die so you suffer forever, I didn't want to scare him but I had no choice. His jaw dropped, and he almost looked like he cried for a moment, I then bared my teeth at him in anger telling him I would ground him for the rest of his childhood if so much as a single tear escaped his eyes. And then with manliness than rivaled that of
Steroidabuse ( he held back his tears. The furious look on my face changed into a smile. I was very proud of my son for not crying.

My son and I attended a Westboro sermon later on that day. He seemed to grow nervous, but I told him he must stay. After we left he... Sinned. He started crying. He then asked me if he was going to be grounded forever. I told him just this once he would not be grounded. He was finally aware of the existence of Hell, he begged to be baptized a second time, and finally accepted the existence of Jesus, and he even confessed another sin to me!

He told me that he used to think Ghandi was a great person. But after being enlightened he realized Ghandi was a HORRIBLE human being- EVEN WORSE than Hitler. He told me of how he realized Ghandi was going to Hell, and just how foul, and evil pacifism was. Later that day he drew a picture of several heathens burning in hell (it was several stick figures on fire). I decided to put that picture on my wall. He also begged us to buy him several shirts with crosses on them, and has sense then been making sure to not look away when watching Bibleman. He also confessed one of his friends was a Jew and told me he promised not to speak to them anymore.

Thank you Heavenly Spirit, I am so glad my Son's soul was saved. This is truly a miracle. I can't wait to go to Heaven it's such a wonderful place, but I can't go now, and possibly not for 50 years, I have more souls to save in these dark times.

I just found an AMAZING SONG

I was nearly moved to tears by that, to me it's a very appropriate example of what CHRISTmas is all about. Please listen to this amazing song.

If you are not touched by this song, I don't know what to say.

The Satanic evils of Fallout 3
A review of the ungodly game Fallout. Goes deeply into just how sinful it is. And also the TERRIFYING POSSIBILITY one of the devs MIGHT be an atheist.

Potential spoilers if you decide to play this Satanic gameCollapse )

The crusader rises from the ashes to continue to fight for holiness purity righteousness, and God.
I am sorry I vanished without a trace my fellow brothers and sisters in faith. My computer just died about a month ago with no warning! I strongly suspect I may have had my computer hacked by gay effeminate heathens. But no worries. I rise from the ashes. Filled with the power of His Fire. His faith pulsing through my veins. Hardening my bones, and preserving one of  God's most holy of temples- my body. But most importantly preserving my spirit.  And my Lord will surely see to it that they roast screaming naked miserable and helpless for ALL OF ETERNITY in HELL, if they do NOT repent for their foul deeds. Maybe if I pray enough they will see past their wicked ways and join the Great Crusade of Gods people.

During my exhile I searched. I searched around with my Eyes and ears of faith. For the souls of the lost. I stood strong in times of my faith being tested. By some of the things I saw I was HORRIFIED. But it did not put a DENT IN MY FAITH. Through the Holy Spirit's inspiration I stayed strong.

And dear reader- I will tell you of those horrors. I played two very ungodly X-box games from beginning to end. In the entries to come soon- you will know those horrors too. If you have the courage. You will too see the great evils of these video games if you come to your senses- to witness the evil uncovered by a mighty, and wise Crusader- me.

Hollywood has been lead astray by Satan.
The truth about Hollywood by

Hollywood is well known for it's lack of morals. For decades it has been the rotten hive of sin. It's where communists, atheists, homosexuals, pedophiles, hippies and such low life has gathered to celebrate their sick and twisted "lifestyle". So it's no surprise that yet another ungodly propaganda piece has been released. It's name is Taking Woodstock. As people here know, Woodstock was a "music festival" that took place in New York and gathered over 500 000 people together to practice "love, peace and rock'n'roll". It could be rightfully said that it was the world history's biggest satanic mass. Worshippers of Lucifer became voluntarily possessed by the devil, resulting into perverted orgies, massive drug and alcohol use, violent attacks and even murder (three people died during the festival, many after). The situation of course got out of hands and even police was powerless. Young women, even little girls were raped and became pregnant, heroin was enjoyed like bread, people abandonned their faiths and turned either to satanism or some of the many hippie religions. At stage, popular musicians performed drug use and homosexual acts. Innocent people living close to the place where the gathering took place suffered extreme stress and fear and many good people who tried to help the poor lost souls ended up being lured into obscene acts. Some survived trough their deep faith to Christ and lived to tell about the horrors to future generations.

But they are being silenced. Hollywood is filled with people who took part of Woodstock and never regretted it. Some of them were even organizing the event! And now, with the youngest generations not having heard the truth about this horrible four day event, they want to lure innocent young souls into believing that what happened was "cool" and "beautiful" and that the younglings should create their own Woodstock! That is right: the ultimate pupose of this wide spread propaganda has been to encourage young boys and girls to organize their own black mass of sins. Of course, there are many, many big festivals out there that do what Woodstock did but in smaller scale. But Woodstock remains still the ultimate time of shame in the history of music festivals. And the never-resting evil of Hollywood just can't accept that. So here it is: their newest weapon of mass corruption.

<---notice art work inspired by drug trip

Some info about TAKING WOODSTOCK :

* Directed by the highly disturbed Ang Lee who also gave the world the soft core gay porn Bareback Mountain that drove it's actor into suicide by sleeping pills.
* Main character is young homosexual who has explict sex with many men trough the movie.
* Also contains crossdresser.
* In one scene the main character kisses first a girl and then another boy. The message is clear: kissing girls is wrong, Satan rewards homosexual acts.

Interesting thing is, that some sodomites have complained that this movie doesn't "do justice" to the way gay people are portayed. This complaint is of course because this movie doesn't contain enough explit scenes of orgies etc. Ironic, in a very, VERY scary way.

I wish there was a way to stop filth like this. All we can really do is PRAY. Pray for all the poor young souls who will be affected by this filth. May God send angels to protect them and their families.

I spreaded this news of the TRUTH behind Hollywood after another follower of Christ enlightened me, to the fact Hollywood has been contaminated by Satanic forces. You know what the Bible says about crossdressing, and sodomites don't you? I can dig up some biblical verses if need be. So spread the news to your friends, and family. The truth about Hollywood must be known!

Writer's Block: Technology & My Future
How do you think technology will impact your future?
Well on the upside there will be BIGGER guns which is ALWAYS a good thing. Best yet- AN EVEN MORE POWERFUL NUCLEAR BOMB. I pray every night a new bomb is invented. One more powerful than any nuclear bomb ever made. If the rest of the world know we have this bomb, but only WE know how to make it perhaps the terrorists will surrender once and for ALL. Also: Possibly EVEN BIGGER cars some day! Bigger cars for bigger families! No way that can be bad unless you actually think global warming is "real". And better hidden cameras to spy on potential terrorists.

On the downside... "Better" condoms. "Better" birth control. As well as more forms of communication to be used by the wicked. Also more ways for people to get information they shouldn't necessarily have. Possible cloning! Worst yet... More advanced sex changes. Lord I pray not. 

Pray for Glenn Moon's success

I am cross posting this because it's very important. 

Please give this wonderful man your prayers. Even if you're as far as in China right now please I beg of you just PRAY. Pray he soon becomes Livonia mayor.

Correctional brain surgery?
I think I finally may have found the cure for atheism, Islam, Judaism, agnosticism, pacifism, Wicca, homosexuality, drug addiction, sin addiction, autism, bipolar, gender atypical behavior, and other disobedient personality types. Not the cure itself but a possible FUTURE cure. If we can find out how to pull off the brain surgery perfectly.  Last night I had a dream. I think that it was a gift from God.

It started out being in a church. Was very soothing at first. It was 2012 Sarah Palin became president. I was sitting on a bench with most of God's other followers. A preacher walked on to the stage. They delivered a speech. About how this country finally belongs to God after so long decaying in sin. Civil unions were banned. Everything but alcohol, cigarettes and steroids were punished with lifetime in prison. Global warming was proved to be a lie. People started making bigger more manly cars. motorcycles, and bikes were all finally recycled to make bigger cars, or be remade as guns.

There was lots of talk of how we were gonna take God's land back from the heathens.  About how much holy work there is to do but our progress was doing great. We all kneeled our heads down in prayer. Our ears and eyes of faith opening as our physical eyes closed. I could faintly hear soothing holy music as the preacher started the prayer. Suddenly the holy music turned to the sound of screeching glass... I heard this terrible demonic roaring.

Terrified I opened my eyes. Everyone was gone. Everyone had disappeared. I saw clothes on the ground. But all the people were gone. All of God's people ascended to the rapture. Except for me for some reason. With God's followers having left this world America went down the toilet. After what had seemed like hope. Our army was greatly weakened as well. I had failed. I was trapped in a land of heathens. I screamed out to the Lord but he would not answer back.

All the windows broke. All of a sudden a violent wind ripped the entire roof off two two bull skulls fell crashing through. After they landed their eyes lit with fire. They grew bodies of fire. Both holding brands with the mark of the beast. They told me to surrender to the Enemy. I refused. Suddenly they chased me. I ran for the front door. But using their demonic powers they barricaded it. 

I then ran to the wall. Cornered one of them held back it's hand to swing it's brand at me, and mark me. I fired my shotgun or tried. But it just made a clicking sound. Then the horrible creature swiped it out of my arm, and crushed the gun. So I prayed. A white light appeared, and the wall exploded knocking them back, and giving me an escape. I ran into the parking lot got my keys into the ignition key, and locked the door immediately. Suddenly before I could start the SUV one of the creatures smashed the window open. Suddenly I fold my hands in prayer and say "In the name of the Lord I rebuke you!!!", and it goes flying back hundreds of feet.

I immediately back out, and get on to the street. I get to maximum speed immediately. I turn on my in-car television to see what has happened. Horrific news everywhere. Creationism in schools were banned. Sunday School was no more. Global warming was ruled a "fact' on the News. Dress codes were banned. Fox News was no more. Wiccans, and atheists were speaking of their foul blasphemous beliefs in PUBLIC WITHOUT FEAR. God was removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.  NASCAR and marriage were both banned. Banned books were brought back, and became top sellers.

And worst... A Satan worshiping midget half deaf hermaphrodite with bipolar and autism became president.  I nearly had a heart attack at that point in the dream. I just felt an INTENSE pain in my left arm, I could feel my chest about to burst. I heard the ground rumbling. I heard a loud evil voice. Laughing manically. Telling me that he now owns the world. That America will never be a free country again.  A car was chasing me from behind a few seconds after. Painted all over the car were blasphemous slanderous images glorifying the Dark one. Worst yet "There is no God" was written on the hood with the blood of lambs! Inside of the car were 5 gay atheists. All burning Bibles, and yelling "THERE IS PROBABLY NO GOD" while making demonic laughs. And screaming "SURRENDER TO SATAN".

At first my SUV was outrunning them but then the engine mysteriously started to die. One of the God hating heathens behind me yelled "WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW?!". My car had stopped moving. Their car rammed into mine. I tried to jump out of the seat. But the seat belt wouldn't let go. Suddenly the heathens surrounded the vehicle. They were all laughing telling me there was no hope. They had handcuffs. They were about to capture me. I prayed to God but he didn't respond. I tried to fold my hands in prayer to fill myself with His Fire but I could not move my arms. I tried to scream "IN THE NAME OF THE LORD I REBUKE YOU", but it did nothing. Suddenly I had WORSE chest pains this time. Worse than ever. At this point I black out after what felt like my chest violently exploding.

At that point I woke up in a hospital. I heard on the news a terrifying revelation that ALL ex-gay programs abandoned their once Holy pursuit to try to cure cancer, and AIDs. I screamed in a righteous rage. I grabbed my cup of water, and threw it into the wall. Suddenly as I tried to get out of the stretcher the heathens were restraining me. They then forcefully injected me with something that made me fall asleep. I woke up again in the dream. Tied to the stretcher.

The demons from earlier found me. The fiery demonic beings. They said "Finally you are now marked to serve the one you devoted your life to fighting. There is no escape NOW fallen crusader!". I prayed but nothing happened. Suddenly as the brand came ever closer to me I thought I had to act fast.

So in a sacrifice to the Holy Father I leaned against the fire of the demon to burn off the straps holding me to the stretcher. My skin was badly burned but it was the only way. I dodged the branding just in time. My whole body was set on fire. The door was locked. I realized there was only one way out. The window. Even though I was like 13 stories up. So with nothing more than the skin on my body protecting me skin weakened by fire I jumped through the window head first. I had blacked out.

I woke up in a church deep underground. Part church part hospital. There were some recent converts inside there. Former heathens who gave their lives to the Holy Father. A man in a suit had awoken me. The preacher from earlier in the church. He reassured me there was still hope. He told me about how through the will of Christ my fall was broken. That it was through God I came to this place. We both kneeled our heads in prayer once more.

I asked the preacher if I had failed the rapture, and if so why. He told me "This time you will hear God himself. Close your eyes open up your heart, and let your faith guide you". So I did. Suddenly a bright light filled the room. I could hear God. He told me I stayed so I could give hope to the heathens. He told me my preacher was also a scientist, and a doctor.  He told me of how there was a new procedure to turn people to him. I heard of miracles. That some of the former heathens in this church were converted through correctional brain surgery. My preacher had captured the heathens, and performed emergency surgery. And how the surgery had made an atheist believe. How it cured one patients autism. How it made a lesbian become a Godly heterosexual.

God had told me the lobotomy was a failed experiment. Often times better than nothing but not ideal. That this was like a lobotomy only more complex with better results. It involved doing something to the visual cortex to render the person more obedient, and less resistant. But unlike a lobotomy they could still think.

After that dream I had woke up. Just as I woke up on TV I heard some commercial or something about helping men keep their testosterone levels up. To me it was no coincidence- the true meaning of it was "test". That dream was a test of my faith. A vision from God I believe. I believe we can do it. Make something similar to a lobotomy but better. Without causing such damage. I am not sure if surgery on the visual cortex is the way to correct disobedient ideas, and actions. But it has to be some part of the brain.

Brain surgery could cure anything I feel. It just has to be done right. All technology goes wrong in it's infancy. How is brain surgery any exception? I have faith that further advancements in brain surgery can correct disobedient rebellious behavior.

Writer's Block: The Right to Privacy
Should some parts of celebrities' lives be off-limits to the public, or is giving up privacy a fair price for being famous?
I think privacy is a sacrifice to pay. People have too much privacy already. And privacy leads to secrets. Secrets lead to wickedness.

The dangers of underpopulation, and non-breeding heterosexuals.

I beg of you dear reader WATCH BOTH OF  THOSE.  Its terrifying frankly. Six billion people IS NOT ENOUGH.   Then there is the growing threat of the voluntary human extinction organisation. Frankly they sound like a cult to me. I also feel betrayed by many of my fellow American heterosexuals. Turning to foul rituals such as the consumption of birth control pills.  They are just as foul as sodomites, infertile hermaphrodites, and transgendered people.

LISTEN TO ME. If its not missionary without condoms it may be HETEROSEXUAL but its not STRAIGHT being STRAIGHT is what matters. So what are you? Are you a twisted heterosexual or a straight heterosexual? You may be accepted as one of "us" you twisted ones. You may share our ability to get married. Many misguided souls may tolerate or even accept you. But you do not follow God's laws.

Is it really that hard to understand? Okay let me explain. Only heterosexuals get into heaven. Only heterosexuals follow God's laws. But that doesn't mean ALL heterosexuals. You must meet three requirements.

1. Have Jesus in your heart.
2. Be heterosexual.
3. Have sex for reproduction ONLY. No condoms no porn no masturbation nothing but missionary.

I shouldn't even NEED to give a related example but okay. When a cop analyzes you inside of your car you wear a seat belt or go to jail. Of course: YOU CAN STILL GET IN TROUBLE EVEN IF YOU WEAR A SEAT BELT.  The seat belt makes the heterosexual. But speeding or running someone over makes you JUST as bad as a homosexual.  Am I CLEAR?!?!

I feel we should ban the twisted heterosexuals from our community. They are our allies against the oppression of the GLBT tyrants yes. But everything else ends there. My fellow wholesome straight heterosexuals we must make it known even some of our fellow heterosexuals are queer- and we must NOT have them associated with OUR people. The people who bring the beauty of heterosexuality to its height. The people who use it for its ONE TRUE PURPOSE MADE BY GOD.

When we are not politically defending ourselves from the siege of the glbt people- you treat that heterosexual atheist, that heterosexual that doesn't have missionary, that heterosexual masturbator, or pulls out, or for whatever reason refuses to get married, or wears a condom, or got an operation to become infertile, or choose an infertile partner KNOWING prior to their marriage JUST the same way you would treat a homosexual. Let them live. Do not harm them. Do not assault them. BUT SHOW THEM NO RESPECT. Don't open doors for them. Don't invite them to weddings. Don't let them enter your church if you can.

NEVER EVER EVER salute one of these people unless you're both in the army. Don't even shake their hands. Sure as hell never hug them. Never offer them comfort. Let them use no objects you legally own unless they'll die otherwise. Never smile at them. Don't hire them at your work place. Don't sign up for any businesses they own. Don't assist them on any projects. If their life is in mortal danger help them- but give them NO SERVICES beyond that.

There IS a problem known as the non-breeding heterosexual. The answer is non-violently pressuring them. Shun them. Sometimes a little bit of preaching helps but if they seem they are about to become enraged upon revelation of their foulness, leave. Never stop praying however. Pray for these people every night. Every day. Before every breakfast, and dinner. Pray before you sleep. After you wake up as well. The best thing we can do is discipline these people in a non-violent legal way-, and pray for them.


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