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The dangers of underpopulation, and non-breeding heterosexuals.

I beg of you dear reader WATCH BOTH OF  THOSE.  Its terrifying frankly. Six billion people IS NOT ENOUGH.   Then there is the growing threat of the voluntary human extinction organisation. Frankly they sound like a cult to me. I also feel betrayed by many of my fellow American heterosexuals. Turning to foul rituals such as the consumption of birth control pills.  They are just as foul as sodomites, infertile hermaphrodites, and transgendered people.

LISTEN TO ME. If its not missionary without condoms it may be HETEROSEXUAL but its not STRAIGHT being STRAIGHT is what matters. So what are you? Are you a twisted heterosexual or a straight heterosexual? You may be accepted as one of "us" you twisted ones. You may share our ability to get married. Many misguided souls may tolerate or even accept you. But you do not follow God's laws.

Is it really that hard to understand? Okay let me explain. Only heterosexuals get into heaven. Only heterosexuals follow God's laws. But that doesn't mean ALL heterosexuals. You must meet three requirements.

1. Have Jesus in your heart.
2. Be heterosexual.
3. Have sex for reproduction ONLY. No condoms no porn no masturbation nothing but missionary.

I shouldn't even NEED to give a related example but okay. When a cop analyzes you inside of your car you wear a seat belt or go to jail. Of course: YOU CAN STILL GET IN TROUBLE EVEN IF YOU WEAR A SEAT BELT.  The seat belt makes the heterosexual. But speeding or running someone over makes you JUST as bad as a homosexual.  Am I CLEAR?!?!

I feel we should ban the twisted heterosexuals from our community. They are our allies against the oppression of the GLBT tyrants yes. But everything else ends there. My fellow wholesome straight heterosexuals we must make it known even some of our fellow heterosexuals are queer- and we must NOT have them associated with OUR people. The people who bring the beauty of heterosexuality to its height. The people who use it for its ONE TRUE PURPOSE MADE BY GOD.

When we are not politically defending ourselves from the siege of the glbt people- you treat that heterosexual atheist, that heterosexual that doesn't have missionary, that heterosexual masturbator, or pulls out, or for whatever reason refuses to get married, or wears a condom, or got an operation to become infertile, or choose an infertile partner KNOWING prior to their marriage JUST the same way you would treat a homosexual. Let them live. Do not harm them. Do not assault them. BUT SHOW THEM NO RESPECT. Don't open doors for them. Don't invite them to weddings. Don't let them enter your church if you can.

NEVER EVER EVER salute one of these people unless you're both in the army. Don't even shake their hands. Sure as hell never hug them. Never offer them comfort. Let them use no objects you legally own unless they'll die otherwise. Never smile at them. Don't hire them at your work place. Don't sign up for any businesses they own. Don't assist them on any projects. If their life is in mortal danger help them- but give them NO SERVICES beyond that.

There IS a problem known as the non-breeding heterosexual. The answer is non-violently pressuring them. Shun them. Sometimes a little bit of preaching helps but if they seem they are about to become enraged upon revelation of their foulness, leave. Never stop praying however. Pray for these people every night. Every day. Before every breakfast, and dinner. Pray before you sleep. After you wake up as well. The best thing we can do is discipline these people in a non-violent legal way-, and pray for them.

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breeding homosexuals?

What about breeding homosexuals?

I mean in some situations it's safer not to have the seat belt fastened. If it's an option I'd rather shoot through the windshield than being burned to death in the car.

So if you're gay but you're breeding and have Jesus in your heart will you get into heaven? Because being gay means you are interested in the same sex, not having sex with them. It's a significant difference.

So I'm expecting the answer what about breeding homosexuals.

Re: breeding homosexuals?

1. Almost all of the time a seat beat is safer.
2. Especially when it comes to OBEYING the law.
3. If said "homosexual" didn't practice homosexuality, and wasn't in a homosexual relationship. But such a person would have hopes to become an ex-gay.

I firmly believe in ex-gays. Heterosexuals must battle sinful temptations as well.

Also keep in mind the human species does NOT reproduce homosexually, but heterosexually. And I firmly believe we should do everything to ensure the survival of our Great Species.

Nothing could be more true. Our country and our culture is indeed under siege. Even some of our fellow heterosexuals have fallen in these times. There is also something effeminate about condoms. It's just disturbing. It's like condom users are self loathing men who hate their OWN fertility. It also just seems so cowardly to use them. AIDs is a problem yes but condoms aren't the answer. I've also lost friends- friends who are fellow heterosexuals. Because of the unnatural acts you described.

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