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Correctional brain surgery?
I think I finally may have found the cure for atheism, Islam, Judaism, agnosticism, pacifism, Wicca, homosexuality, drug addiction, sin addiction, autism, bipolar, gender atypical behavior, and other disobedient personality types. Not the cure itself but a possible FUTURE cure. If we can find out how to pull off the brain surgery perfectly.  Last night I had a dream. I think that it was a gift from God.

It started out being in a church. Was very soothing at first. It was 2012 Sarah Palin became president. I was sitting on a bench with most of God's other followers. A preacher walked on to the stage. They delivered a speech. About how this country finally belongs to God after so long decaying in sin. Civil unions were banned. Everything but alcohol, cigarettes and steroids were punished with lifetime in prison. Global warming was proved to be a lie. People started making bigger more manly cars. motorcycles, and bikes were all finally recycled to make bigger cars, or be remade as guns.

There was lots of talk of how we were gonna take God's land back from the heathens.  About how much holy work there is to do but our progress was doing great. We all kneeled our heads down in prayer. Our ears and eyes of faith opening as our physical eyes closed. I could faintly hear soothing holy music as the preacher started the prayer. Suddenly the holy music turned to the sound of screeching glass... I heard this terrible demonic roaring.

Terrified I opened my eyes. Everyone was gone. Everyone had disappeared. I saw clothes on the ground. But all the people were gone. All of God's people ascended to the rapture. Except for me for some reason. With God's followers having left this world America went down the toilet. After what had seemed like hope. Our army was greatly weakened as well. I had failed. I was trapped in a land of heathens. I screamed out to the Lord but he would not answer back.

All the windows broke. All of a sudden a violent wind ripped the entire roof off two two bull skulls fell crashing through. After they landed their eyes lit with fire. They grew bodies of fire. Both holding brands with the mark of the beast. They told me to surrender to the Enemy. I refused. Suddenly they chased me. I ran for the front door. But using their demonic powers they barricaded it. 

I then ran to the wall. Cornered one of them held back it's hand to swing it's brand at me, and mark me. I fired my shotgun or tried. But it just made a clicking sound. Then the horrible creature swiped it out of my arm, and crushed the gun. So I prayed. A white light appeared, and the wall exploded knocking them back, and giving me an escape. I ran into the parking lot got my keys into the ignition key, and locked the door immediately. Suddenly before I could start the SUV one of the creatures smashed the window open. Suddenly I fold my hands in prayer and say "In the name of the Lord I rebuke you!!!", and it goes flying back hundreds of feet.

I immediately back out, and get on to the street. I get to maximum speed immediately. I turn on my in-car television to see what has happened. Horrific news everywhere. Creationism in schools were banned. Sunday School was no more. Global warming was ruled a "fact' on the News. Dress codes were banned. Fox News was no more. Wiccans, and atheists were speaking of their foul blasphemous beliefs in PUBLIC WITHOUT FEAR. God was removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.  NASCAR and marriage were both banned. Banned books were brought back, and became top sellers.

And worst... A Satan worshiping midget half deaf hermaphrodite with bipolar and autism became president.  I nearly had a heart attack at that point in the dream. I just felt an INTENSE pain in my left arm, I could feel my chest about to burst. I heard the ground rumbling. I heard a loud evil voice. Laughing manically. Telling me that he now owns the world. That America will never be a free country again.  A car was chasing me from behind a few seconds after. Painted all over the car were blasphemous slanderous images glorifying the Dark one. Worst yet "There is no God" was written on the hood with the blood of lambs! Inside of the car were 5 gay atheists. All burning Bibles, and yelling "THERE IS PROBABLY NO GOD" while making demonic laughs. And screaming "SURRENDER TO SATAN".

At first my SUV was outrunning them but then the engine mysteriously started to die. One of the God hating heathens behind me yelled "WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW?!". My car had stopped moving. Their car rammed into mine. I tried to jump out of the seat. But the seat belt wouldn't let go. Suddenly the heathens surrounded the vehicle. They were all laughing telling me there was no hope. They had handcuffs. They were about to capture me. I prayed to God but he didn't respond. I tried to fold my hands in prayer to fill myself with His Fire but I could not move my arms. I tried to scream "IN THE NAME OF THE LORD I REBUKE YOU", but it did nothing. Suddenly I had WORSE chest pains this time. Worse than ever. At this point I black out after what felt like my chest violently exploding.

At that point I woke up in a hospital. I heard on the news a terrifying revelation that ALL ex-gay programs abandoned their once Holy pursuit to try to cure cancer, and AIDs. I screamed in a righteous rage. I grabbed my cup of water, and threw it into the wall. Suddenly as I tried to get out of the stretcher the heathens were restraining me. They then forcefully injected me with something that made me fall asleep. I woke up again in the dream. Tied to the stretcher.

The demons from earlier found me. The fiery demonic beings. They said "Finally you are now marked to serve the one you devoted your life to fighting. There is no escape NOW fallen crusader!". I prayed but nothing happened. Suddenly as the brand came ever closer to me I thought I had to act fast.

So in a sacrifice to the Holy Father I leaned against the fire of the demon to burn off the straps holding me to the stretcher. My skin was badly burned but it was the only way. I dodged the branding just in time. My whole body was set on fire. The door was locked. I realized there was only one way out. The window. Even though I was like 13 stories up. So with nothing more than the skin on my body protecting me skin weakened by fire I jumped through the window head first. I had blacked out.

I woke up in a church deep underground. Part church part hospital. There were some recent converts inside there. Former heathens who gave their lives to the Holy Father. A man in a suit had awoken me. The preacher from earlier in the church. He reassured me there was still hope. He told me about how through the will of Christ my fall was broken. That it was through God I came to this place. We both kneeled our heads in prayer once more.

I asked the preacher if I had failed the rapture, and if so why. He told me "This time you will hear God himself. Close your eyes open up your heart, and let your faith guide you". So I did. Suddenly a bright light filled the room. I could hear God. He told me I stayed so I could give hope to the heathens. He told me my preacher was also a scientist, and a doctor.  He told me of how there was a new procedure to turn people to him. I heard of miracles. That some of the former heathens in this church were converted through correctional brain surgery. My preacher had captured the heathens, and performed emergency surgery. And how the surgery had made an atheist believe. How it cured one patients autism. How it made a lesbian become a Godly heterosexual.

God had told me the lobotomy was a failed experiment. Often times better than nothing but not ideal. That this was like a lobotomy only more complex with better results. It involved doing something to the visual cortex to render the person more obedient, and less resistant. But unlike a lobotomy they could still think.

After that dream I had woke up. Just as I woke up on TV I heard some commercial or something about helping men keep their testosterone levels up. To me it was no coincidence- the true meaning of it was "test". That dream was a test of my faith. A vision from God I believe. I believe we can do it. Make something similar to a lobotomy but better. Without causing such damage. I am not sure if surgery on the visual cortex is the way to correct disobedient ideas, and actions. But it has to be some part of the brain.

Brain surgery could cure anything I feel. It just has to be done right. All technology goes wrong in it's infancy. How is brain surgery any exception? I have faith that further advancements in brain surgery can correct disobedient rebellious behavior.

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You know, when I found your journal I was scared out of my wits because I'd never before really believed people like you really exist, I thought it was just an exaggerated stereotypical joke. But now I'm reassured because after reading this I can't believe anymore that this journal is anything more than a hilarious spoof.

(By the way, a full-blown Atheist wouldn't say 'probably', they would be pretty sure about the non-existence of any god. An Agnostic maybe. Ruined the joke for me.)

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