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Hollywood has been lead astray by Satan.
The truth about Hollywood by

Hollywood is well known for it's lack of morals. For decades it has been the rotten hive of sin. It's where communists, atheists, homosexuals, pedophiles, hippies and such low life has gathered to celebrate their sick and twisted "lifestyle". So it's no surprise that yet another ungodly propaganda piece has been released. It's name is Taking Woodstock. As people here know, Woodstock was a "music festival" that took place in New York and gathered over 500 000 people together to practice "love, peace and rock'n'roll". It could be rightfully said that it was the world history's biggest satanic mass. Worshippers of Lucifer became voluntarily possessed by the devil, resulting into perverted orgies, massive drug and alcohol use, violent attacks and even murder (three people died during the festival, many after). The situation of course got out of hands and even police was powerless. Young women, even little girls were raped and became pregnant, heroin was enjoyed like bread, people abandonned their faiths and turned either to satanism or some of the many hippie religions. At stage, popular musicians performed drug use and homosexual acts. Innocent people living close to the place where the gathering took place suffered extreme stress and fear and many good people who tried to help the poor lost souls ended up being lured into obscene acts. Some survived trough their deep faith to Christ and lived to tell about the horrors to future generations.

But they are being silenced. Hollywood is filled with people who took part of Woodstock and never regretted it. Some of them were even organizing the event! And now, with the youngest generations not having heard the truth about this horrible four day event, they want to lure innocent young souls into believing that what happened was "cool" and "beautiful" and that the younglings should create their own Woodstock! That is right: the ultimate pupose of this wide spread propaganda has been to encourage young boys and girls to organize their own black mass of sins. Of course, there are many, many big festivals out there that do what Woodstock did but in smaller scale. But Woodstock remains still the ultimate time of shame in the history of music festivals. And the never-resting evil of Hollywood just can't accept that. So here it is: their newest weapon of mass corruption.

<---notice art work inspired by drug trip

Some info about TAKING WOODSTOCK :

* Directed by the highly disturbed Ang Lee who also gave the world the soft core gay porn Bareback Mountain that drove it's actor into suicide by sleeping pills.
* Main character is young homosexual who has explict sex with many men trough the movie.
* Also contains crossdresser.
* In one scene the main character kisses first a girl and then another boy. The message is clear: kissing girls is wrong, Satan rewards homosexual acts.

Interesting thing is, that some sodomites have complained that this movie doesn't "do justice" to the way gay people are portayed. This complaint is of course because this movie doesn't contain enough explit scenes of orgies etc. Ironic, in a very, VERY scary way.

I wish there was a way to stop filth like this. All we can really do is PRAY. Pray for all the poor young souls who will be affected by this filth. May God send angels to protect them and their families.

I spreaded this news of the TRUTH behind Hollywood after another follower of Christ enlightened me, to the fact Hollywood has been contaminated by Satanic forces. You know what the Bible says about crossdressing, and sodomites don't you? I can dig up some biblical verses if need be. So spread the news to your friends, and family. The truth about Hollywood must be known!

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