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The crusader rises from the ashes to continue to fight for holiness purity righteousness, and God.
I am sorry I vanished without a trace my fellow brothers and sisters in faith. My computer just died about a month ago with no warning! I strongly suspect I may have had my computer hacked by gay effeminate heathens. But no worries. I rise from the ashes. Filled with the power of His Fire. His faith pulsing through my veins. Hardening my bones, and preserving one of  God's most holy of temples- my body. But most importantly preserving my spirit.  And my Lord will surely see to it that they roast screaming naked miserable and helpless for ALL OF ETERNITY in HELL, if they do NOT repent for their foul deeds. Maybe if I pray enough they will see past their wicked ways and join the Great Crusade of Gods people.

During my exhile I searched. I searched around with my Eyes and ears of faith. For the souls of the lost. I stood strong in times of my faith being tested. By some of the things I saw I was HORRIFIED. But it did not put a DENT IN MY FAITH. Through the Holy Spirit's inspiration I stayed strong.

And dear reader- I will tell you of those horrors. I played two very ungodly X-box games from beginning to end. In the entries to come soon- you will know those horrors too. If you have the courage. You will too see the great evils of these video games if you come to your senses- to witness the evil uncovered by a mighty, and wise Crusader- me.


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