Obama wants to ban NASCAR
Its all unfolding it seems... The oppression my Eyes and Ears of faith months ago told me that was likely. He is saying things that make absolutely NO SENSE. I couldn't stop crying after reading this. I'm soaked in tears- and they will not stop coming. I know its wrong to cry. Crying is weak its never okay to cry... But I couldn't help myself. Its just so sad. So sad seeing that THIS IS OUR PRESIDENT. So sad that not long ago George Bush was in the White House... Yet over night so much has fallen. Obama I pray for your redemption, George Bush I mourn your loss of presidency. Mourn for as long as I live.


Obama: "My case is simple," said the President on Sunday. "I know that NASCAR does not use natural gas to fuel their vehicles. However, I am aware of post-race celebrations involving the "burning" of tires. This undoubtedly pollutes the air, wastes money, and destroys resources."

I am terrified whats next? What will this do to American culture? The worlds already going down the toilet. This is just going to accelerate the downfall of civilization. You don't ban long time traditions you just don't. NASCAR for ages now has been a central aspect to any normal Americans culture. They can't just defile our culture like this. Cars are not a thing that can be made by idiots. Making cars is an art. Racing cars is an art.

My faith is bleeding. More and more humans are buying into believing Global Warming is real. Whats next? Cars that don't use gasoline? Lord I pray not. First off theres NO RATIONAL reason to think Global Warming is real. Rational people do not believe in it. Second off ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD if there is global warming. We humans have destroyed... Er destroyed is a harsh word. I mean civilized forests since the dawn of our time. We have also sometimes hunted other species to extinction. But it had to be done in my opinion.

Global warming even if this illogical silly fairy tale thing IS real the human race WILL survive- and thats ALL THAT MATTERS. We don't need polar bears, or penguins. We don't need forests or whales to survive. We have survived after species we used as food went extinct, and we will survive again. If global warming is real, and wipes them out so be it. Anyone who disagrees with me is a cold hearted monster I feel- because they can't feel enough compassion to put their fellow humans first.

But whats next? Will big cars be banned? Will my SUV be taken from me? LISTEN HERE. Cars are a gift from God. God inspired humanity to make them. My big SUV is a symbol of God's might. Who does not appreciate the powerful manly strength speed, and weight of these vehicles... MADE by us GOD'S CHILDREN?! I don't know how many more jokes or insults towards my SUV I can take. You CAN'T just take it from me.

This is what is seemingly happening. Humans are starting to think global warming is both real, and some "terrible" thing. People are also starting to ATTEMPT to DO something to FIGHT against this alleged "global warming". I swear people are just becoming more, and more crazy. Is the rapture about to happen? Is this a sign of the end times?

Father I pray the blind open their eyes. Father I pray they stop believing every word The Enemy speaks. Father preserve your people. Father preserve me. Father forgive my crying father fill me with your essence, and give me the strength to stop crying. Father do not let my faith falter. I repent to you for the actions of my fellow human beings. I repent I seem to not have the strength to stop them. Please do not abandon me Holy Father. Even should the Dark One rule the world I shall lay down my life in your name. They will never have my soul. My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ I pray for you.

... I need prayers. Will you give me your prayers?

Awesome music
These are some great songs I recommend everyone hears.


^Praise The LORD and Pass The Ammunition

 Ignore the video just listen to the EXCELLENT music.


^ Onward Christian soldiers.


^ Trust and obey. :)


^ God bless America.

Why atheists can't feel love.
You cannot feel love if you cannot trust. To feel trust you must feel faith. And what does an atheist lack? FAITH. Atheists also have no appreciation for authority.

You HAVE heard of Social Darwinisim... Haven't you? Look no further. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Darwinism

Love is born of faith. What can psychopaths not feel? Faith in humanity is one thing. Who would want social darwinism? Psychopaths thats who.

Atheists think we're related to APES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. They HATE GOD. They don't think humanity has any purpose at all. God is love and love is God. You can't have love without faith in God.

They really think life, humanity and the universe are THAT shallow. So tell me how can an atheist ever feel love? Bottom line they can't.

Care for the lost souls of the faithless ones never give up trying to save them, but no matter how convincing they sound NEVER fall for it when an ATHEIST claims to love you or anybody else. 

"Love" from an atheist is a lie. Much like homosexuals all an atheist can truly feel is lust. And if theres nothing sexual involved an atheist only cares about those of some sort of used to them. If you have friends or family members whom are atheists they are confused or lying if they claim to "love" you. They may care because they see you as useful somehow but only those close to God can feel love.

Remember either its a lie or they don't even know what love is. If you're "friends" cousins, brothers, sisters, parents, sons, daughters, fathers, husbands, wives, or mothers are atheists they do not love you. Even if they claim to. For a mind without faith that is warped from love cannot begin to comprehend it. I am sorry but no atheist loves you. Atheists can only truly love themselves which is not love but narcissism. Its also behind the outbreak of something even worse than plain atheists- gay atheists.

The atheist only loves that of you which they can use. Sociopaths much like atheists feel no faith. They only love themselves and that my dear reader is not love.

Pacifism the HEIGHT of evil.
Could anything be more evil than pacifism? Some of you are going to claim that there are ACTUALLY some "good" things about pacifism, or that some pacifists were "decent" people. But before that I must share my awesome logic.

The reasoning shall be made clear- and you WILL understand... Or so I hope.

Ghandi?... No he wasn't a good person. Ghandi was a TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING!

Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, Jews, and Wiccans are not of God. They can be changed and saved to Christ, but that does not mean by default they are "good" people. Satans servants can never be good. 

Now GO GET yourself a BIBLE. READ IT if you haven't already. If that books true we both know where Ghandi is. Thats right. HELL. You know what? He was a pacifist too. Many misguided souls claim this was a "virtue".

BEFORE YOU SAY JESUS- he was NOT a pacifist. Yes he tolerated a lot of crap from God hating heathens including the ones who killed him. That doesn't make him a pacifist. You see we are given a choice to surrender to Jesus. We have a lot of time right now. But when the Lord comes back the heathen shalt be met with a sword if they do not stop being heathens.

When this worlds time is up... There will be a GREAT BATTLE. The final battle between Gods soldiers and Satans champions. The heathens, heretics and blasphemers who do NOT change their ways shalt be smitten by the Sword of God. God is patient but shalt not suffer the heathens forever. And you DO know where heathens eventually go don't you?

Thats right. A place of burning lakes of fire. A place of screaming heathens writhing in eternal agony! "HELP ME LORD FORGIVE ME" but alas to no avail- such is the punishment for rejecting the love of the Lord.

Non-violence does not make a pacifist. A pacifist refuses to use violence as a last resort- a pacifist suffers from the delusions that wars are "evil". Pacifism is cowardice. Pacifism is just dying a slower death. Pacifism is not standing for what you believe in. Pacifism is also very unmanly.

Theres a REASON most famous figures are known as WARRIORS. And why WARRIORS are so respected. A GOOD reason. Remember that. Tolerating evil is not how laws are forged, or righteous needed battles made.

"Homophobe" is a blasphemous lie.
Thats right! Theres no such thing as a "homophobe"! Nor is there such thing as "homophobia".

1. "Homophobia" would be hatred of the SAME. So a "homophobe" would actually hate people just for being the same species. A "homophobe'" would be disgusted with THEMSELVES. No not all anti-gay people hate themselves contrary to radical left propaganda. A "homophobe" is not a self loather necessarily.

2. Anti-gay DOES NOT EQUAL violent, or illegal means to battle homosexuality! Many of us believe in battling homosexuality WITHOUT USING VIOLENCE. Yes we think homosexuality shouldn't exist yes we may try to vote in an enforced cure if one was ever discovered... This DOESN'T mean we support violent punishments towards homosexuals. This doesn't mean we use the "f'word" the "FA word". This doesn't mean we would EVER physically assault a homosexual either!

We feel sorry for them, we pity them. We want to help them overcome the condition. Just because some psychotic Muslims murder homosexuals who happen to not approve of homosexuality either,- DOESN"T MEAN we would resort to such barbaric methods. We can battle homosexuality in a NON violent way. Hate the sin not the sinner.

Do not assault or kill the sinner from the sin- prevent them from not sinning PEACEFULLY. NEVER use violence. Take that users of the word "homophobe!". You can call us anti-gay but you can't call us "homophobes"!

Homophobe is a slanderous lie from the Radical Left to insult good intelligent moral people! The only "REAL homophobes" if such thing exists are people whom resort to violence, and murder. Not ALL anti-gay people are violent or dangerous contrary to the stereotypes radical Liberals and arrogant homosexuals believe.

Liars and blasphemers! Hear me out! The true "homophobes" are in the mideast. Not in America. They are Muslims. Not Christians. Being anti-gay is good and healthy, being "homophobic" is not. And those of you heterophobic bigots? I won't stop saying heterophobe until YOU STOP saying homophobe! Deal?

Godly family values for the children.
Do you make sure your kids avoid watching shows with negative influences?

Do you make sure your kids are learning good values from the programs they watch? Sure they might have fun watching a variety of things... But are they watching GOOD productive things? Do they have good rolemodels? Are they taught right from wrong?

Because I KNOW MINE ARE. Heres what my kids watch. And I highly recommend anyone who actually has morals to have their kids watch Bibleman. Heres some previews.


^ Even as an adult its one of my favorite videos (just ignore the slanderous comments). 


^ Shorter but an excellent video. A safe family friendly way of warning our kids of, and showing them into the twisted mind of an ATHEIST.

I make sure my kids (toddlers at the moment) watch Bibleman. And they will continue to as long as they live in my house. Are your kids watching good programs?

I strongly recommend any decent parent gets their children to watch Bibleman daily. The younger they start watching the better.

An underrated issue that lurks in the shadows... A prejudice many are ignorant of.
Do you or anyone you know, or have known show symptoms of heterophobia?

Here are some very informal links describing a very real form of prejudice going on right now. A prejudice many people consider "acceptable" or even encourage. And it will only get worse. No its not racism. No its not sexism itself. No its not ageism. Its heterophobia. 


^ Gives a fairly short explanation.


^ Hateful homosexuals reveal their true colors with their anti-heterosexual hate speech.


^ Homosexuals brutally attack an innocent lady!


^ Hateful bigoted God hating homosexuals oppressing Christians. Thats right innocent Christians are being brutally terrorized by homosexuals right now in America. What do you think will happen in 100 years? First homosexuals brutally attack police at Stonewall now this? Its truly terrifying.


^ Homosexuals attack Christians AGAIN.

Theres much more I could link... But its true. Wake up look whats happening to America! Heterosexuals and Christians may not be oppressed significantly YET but if things... Keep going in this direction we might be.

While I dislike their ilk... They are still people who believe in God as well. The Mormons have also been victims of abuse from homosexual bullies.


Is anyone else afraid? I know I am. Thats right folks heterophobia is very very real. And it has strong attachments to anti-Christian bigotry. Homosexuals show their true colors as they reveal their hidden heterophobia by terrorizing the faithful.

Can Obama be trusted?
I was brought to hysterical tears when I found out Obama was elected... I prayed it wouldn't happen for so long. Heck I even went into denial. I just got as much alcohol as I could and drank myself to sleep. The next day I just could hardly bring myself to get out of bed.

There was a time when George Bush was still the president. A time I was still praying the votes were miscalculated and would be changed. But to no avail my wishful thinking was that- wishful thinking. A lie. A think to temporarily keep me emotionally stable.

That time is no more. Goodbye George Bush I salute you wherever you are. I will always remember your awesome 8 years in office. No amount of hate speech from the hateful bigoted naysayers will get me down. I saluted you 8 years ago, and I will salute your image for as long as I live. I will never forget your presidency. I will never forget the definition of leadership. I will never forget what you did for our country.

Obama... I wish you a long safe life during and after the presidency. But that doesn't mean I respect you. Yes I want you impeached. I only hope you don't screw up like some presidents have. I know I don't like your policies or attitude. I am merely hoping you are a lesser evil.

If you don't share my doubt I feel you don't know enough yet.


^ An informal video full of important information. About Obama's claims to be "Christian".


^ Obama's hateful blasphemous anti-Christianity slander.

A chill ran up my spine when I saw that. I watched it repeatedly to acknowledge if I heard what I thought I heard... No you didn't hear anything you didn't think you heard. You thought what you thought you heard. Thats right he says "We are not a Christian nation". Are Christians about to be oppressed in the "Land of Freedom"? Will it be the Land of Freedom no more?

I have great reason to doubt Obama being on Gods side after seeing that. And if you are one whom knows God you have a reason to feel doubt too.

World of warcraft went too far.
Thats right Blizzard you who made World of Warcraft. I've deleted my account after paying for it for MONTHS and I am never coming back. I left a long time ago actually- but I've decided to make an entry about it here because face it... Its still on my mind at times and I still feel upset about it.

You see months ago I stopped playing WoW altogether when I saw what a bunch of the players were like. They had negative influences, and talking to them was like talking to a brick wall.

Why? They are bigots you see. A bunch of God hating Christian hating atheists. Don't believe me? Go lurk the WoW offtopic forums. Its filled with Radical liberal anti-Christian propaganda people there act as if "atheism is a fact". You will be flamed until you eventually can't take it anymore-like I did and get fed up then leave. Its no wonder few people are brave enough to confess their faith there.

But oh oh oh. This is SECONDARY. You see shortly after WOTLK Blizzard just went too far. It sounds innocent enough "Character re-customization". Sure it sounds harmless enough at first. Wasteful vanity type harmless. Which is bad but MILD compared to what you're about to hear. You see, "Character Re-Customization" is in fact a veil, a mask- a cover of the TRUE darkness lying underneath. The pretty shiny mask covering the ugly tainted face.

The face of sex changes.


Thats right Blizzard now allows sex changes. They only encourage negative behaviour and hatred of Gods laws with this at first "harmless" sounding feature! Thanks a lot Blizzard I feel betrayed. I will never return to this game again. I've cancelled my account for GOOD and refuse to ever touch that game again. You've lost a devoted paying customer forever for what you've done today Blizzard. Thanks for wasting my time.

Something was going on! And will only continue to get worse likely! How could I see not see coming? I should have suspected this LONG BEFORE WOTLK when I saw something like THIS.


Were male blood elfs a warning sign... And omen of something worse to come? I think so.

Her name is Veronica.
So through further discussion I've found out who Jefferson's future wife was. My mother told me from my brother that she is "beautiful" what is meant by that I do not know. It does however mean heightened chances of her being fertile. But will Jefferson feel he has the responsibility to become a father? Will Veronica be willing to become a mother?

When the marriage will begin we still do not know. They are still young and have a long ways to go.

Are both of them fertile? Are both of them willing to become parents? Will the baby be healthy? Time will tell.

And even if so... Veronica may be beautiful but does she have good values? I can only hope. How will she influence her kids? Jefferson is a great guy but will he be the best father? The same applies. Wish them well.


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