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Writer's Block: Technology & My Future
How do you think technology will impact your future?
Well on the upside there will be BIGGER guns which is ALWAYS a good thing. Best yet- AN EVEN MORE POWERFUL NUCLEAR BOMB. I pray every night a new bomb is invented. One more powerful than any nuclear bomb ever made. If the rest of the world know we have this bomb, but only WE know how to make it perhaps the terrorists will surrender once and for ALL. Also: Possibly EVEN BIGGER cars some day! Bigger cars for bigger families! No way that can be bad unless you actually think global warming is "real". And better hidden cameras to spy on potential terrorists.

On the downside... "Better" condoms. "Better" birth control. As well as more forms of communication to be used by the wicked. Also more ways for people to get information they shouldn't necessarily have. Possible cloning! Worst yet... More advanced sex changes. Lord I pray not. 


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