Holy Wars

Spiritual Battle

3 March
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I am a doctor and devout Christian with 5 kids. I love NASCAR alcohol and faith. I believe firmly in putting the family first. I despise narcissistic selfish people. I believe a good life is not an easy life. I tread life with a Shield of Faith crusading against the evil ones, in my journey to battle evil and save souls. I'm a firm believer we have Genetic Duties we must follow depending on our gender. I believe humor shows a total lack of emotional gravity which I consider important, and that laughing frequently is the mark of an evil person. I believe a life built off of pleasure is a life doomed to destruction enslaved by evil.

I am both a servant of humanity, and a warrior. A preacher, and a doctor. I love humanity, I love God, I love my country, and I love freedom.

My favorite quote is: To resist immorality and instant gratification. To resist the temptation to be controlled by sinful urges of ourselves and our peers. Duty to our ancestors duty to family duty to society walk on.

The most important things to me are values and faith. I admit I am not perfect however I am a very compassionate kind person, which is why I have devoted my life to making the world a better place. I have sacrificed my own time to help others. To save others lives, and souls. I firmly believe God sent me down to help put an end to all misery, and suffering. So I shall carry the weight of the world on my back. I will not back down before pain or threats. Ever since I turned to God I sacrificed my own pleasure, and happiness. So that I could better the world. Because I care about humanity. I CARE about YOU. I feel sometimes I must help others even if they believe they don't need it. My biggest wish is to lay down my life for Christ, and achieve sainthood. Speak if you wish ask, and I will offer guidance in these trying times.

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